Research has demonstrated that the single most destructive element present in our current culture is drugs.

Drugs and Toxins: Dull your thinking. Dim your awareness. Destroy your life.
The use of street drugs—LSD, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and others—has proliferated at all levels of society. College students atrophy their brains on marijuana; schoolchildren are shoved daily into pill popping by both peer and pharmaceutical pressures; and the seemingly everyday Smith down the street and Jones at the job harbor a habit they neither suspect nor deal with.

Widespread consumption of illegal drugs—many of which were originally prescription remedies—has created a $500-billion-a-year industry. By some estimates, marijuana is now the biggest cash crop in America. Cocaine and its derivatives, highly fashionable in the 1970s, are now widely abused, due in large part to claims by psychiatrists as recently as 1980 that cocaine usage was not addictive. They could not have been more deceptive.

In researching the barriers to spiritual gain caused by drugs, L. Ron Hubbard uncovered the existence of a drug personality, an artificial personality created by drugs.

Scientologists are 100% drug-free and are very concerned about the devastation caused by drug use in their communities.

The reason for this remarkable statistic is that Scientology churches and missions have a very effective program that handles the effects of past drug use. A key component of this program is the Scientology Purification Program.



Years later drug residues dislodging and affecting the person
It is a proven fact that drug residues can be trapped in the body.

Years later, these residues can dislodge and begin to affect the person again.
As vicious and damaging as street drugs have proven to be, medical and psychiatric drugs form an equally destructive vector in this biochemical trend. Statistics show that as early as the 1950s, daily dosages of sleeping pills or painkillers had become so commonplace that they were hardly considered drugs. Valium was the first drug to take its place amongst tranquilizers of choice. Today, however, we have the mind- and mood-altering drugs such as Thorazine, Stelazine, Zoloft, Prozac, Tofranil, Xanax and Ritalin, which are even more damaging than street drugs. The prevalence with which these are prescribed as a panacea is often shocking to the uninformed.

Mr. Hubbard’s research, however, yielded this conclusion: “Unfortunately, it is not recognized that a person whose pain has been deadened by a sedative has himself been deadened by the same drug, and is much nearer the ultimate pain of death. It should be obvious that the quietest people in the world are the dead.”

Drug taking is, in no small way, part of life in our modern world.

Man with mental image pictures of drugs and drug experiences reactivated
Though a person is no longer taking drugs, he has mental image pictures of drugs and drug experiences...

...which can reactivate as long as toxic drug residues are locked in the body. A person’s awareness, ability and attitudes can be adversely affected.
Additionally, the past century’s technological advances have produced many an insidious byproduct, each of them threatening to an individual’s well-being. Smog, for instance, was unknown before the rise of manufacturing centers in Britain. Every major city on Earth now advises its inhabitants daily about the quality of air they are breathing. A hundred years ago, the main food preservatives were salt or ice. Today, nearly any packaged food has a list of the artificial ingredients it contains that is longer than the list of natural ingredients. Environmental disasters such as the 1986 catastrophe at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in the former USSR—to say nothing of radiation exposure from widespread nuclear bomb testing—did not exist fifty years ago.

We live in a chemical-oriented society. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the average American consumes four pounds of pesticides each year and has residues from over 400 toxic substances in his body. More than 3,000 chemical additives are found in the food we eat.

There is no escaping our contaminated civilization and, furthermore, it has been found that these substances can put an individual in a “wooden” sort of state: unfeeling, insensitive, unable, untrustworthy, a menace to his fellows trapped in the dramatizations of his reactive mind.

Neither toxic pollution nor drug abuse were of major concern in 1950 when L. Ron Hubbard released Dianetics. By the 1960s, however, the frightful specter of both had arrived and Mr. Hubbard’s research showed that a person who had been heavily on drugs was not able to make spiritual gains from auditing. This condition had not been encountered earlier in his researches, as drugs had not yet encroached so deeply into society. But it became more and more prevalent and required a solution, as drugs now represented an increasingly serious block to auditing progress.



1 On the Purification Program, a person runs for a period each day to get the blood circulating faster and the system warmed up.

2 Running is followed by sweating out the drug residuals in a sauna. Profuse sweating helps purify the system of toxic substances.

3 Regular nutrition and supplemental nutrition in the form of vitamins and minerals is an important part of this program.

Purification Program can improve personality – and IQ!

The dramatic benefits of the Purification Program are illustrated with the Oxford Capacity Analysis personality graphs, above, of two individuals who did the Purification Program. The dotted line shows test results before the Purification Program, the solid line after. These individuals also had IQ increases of 6 points and 8 points respectively.




testamonial_5 The following should not be construed as claims made by the Church concerning personal benefits any individual will experience. The Church provides the services. The results speak for themselves.

“I had used drugs ranging from marijuana to freebasing cocaine as well as others in between for three years straight. I was failing in school, disliked myself and had absolutely no inkling as to what I was doing or where I was going in life. The only time I had ‘fun’ was when I was high on drugs.

“I then started the Purification program and finished it in two weeks.

“I have been a changed person ever since! My IQ rose fifteen points from the time I started to completion of the Purification program. I am alive, I no longer have a fog around me—I can see what is really going on in my life rather than living in a ‘fairyland.’ I have been off drugs for six years now and I am a productive person in the society.

“The Purification program completely changed my life. Many thanks to L. Ron Hubbard for caring enough to invest his life in bettering mankind.” G.S. Purification Program

testamonial_3 “People could literally see a difference. The day after I finished the Purification program, people asked me what I did because I looked so different! I ran out a lot of medical drugs. After doing the program, I felt more alert and much brighter. I didn’t just feel brighter, I even looked brighter!” Tara Gerson, Fitness Trainer

“The end result of my Drug Rundown restored me to my teenage years—when I was honest, didn’t take drugs or alcohol; when I was so full of life and enthusiasm; when everything was new and wonderful and I could do anything. All I had to do was decide I wanted something or to do something and it happened. That state has been restored to me now. I’m fifty-three.” S.L.D. Drug Rundown

testamonial_4 “I really felt alive again after doing the program and getting the drugs out. My body felt much cleaner.” Kelli Finn, Student

“I did the Purification program and the results were amazing. During the early part I felt for days like I was ‘stoned.’ I would get up in the morning in a mental fog. It was definitely reminiscent of the old times when it was miserable to go to work and the future seemed unimportant. My reaction to pressure situations was just to say, ‘To hell with it’ and ignore it. After some time on this program this went away and by the time I was done I felt more bright and awake than I have ever felt. It has been a couple of years since I did the program, and this feeling has persisted. My life has changed.” S.G. Purification Program



testamonial_1 “Since doing the Purification program, I have enjoyed amazing health as well as enhanced clarity of thought. I am 65 years old and I am literally never sick . . . I was amazed at the results and benefits I gained as a result of this program and I would urge anyone who wants a clear mind and a body free of toxins to do this program.” Roberta Urban, Owner, Real Estate Agency

“I did the Purification program shortly after getting started in Scientology. I was amazed at the changes it produced in me.

“It enhanced my perceptions and as a fine artist this is invaluable. It also helped increase my speed in completing my artwork. I was far less moody and much more stable mentally than ever before. These factors allowed me to be more successful in my business relationships and with people in general. It was a great experience.” W.D. Purification Program

testamonial_2 “By doing the Purification program, I eliminated past medications which caused me to be fatigued and tired. I am now more energetic than ever.” Harry Wong, Doctor of Chiropractic

“As a Bachelor of Medicine, I found it very interesting to study the Purification program. I found it so interesting that I began the program at the Church of Scientology.

“After completing the program, I noticed a tremendous upsurge in physical and mental well-being.

“Mentally I feel relaxed, my memory has improved a great deal and I feel much less dispersed and freer emotionally. The changes are so vast that I must say that this program has changed my life and my only wish is that these discoveries by L. Ron Hubbard will be broadly implemented to handle our ‘drug society’ which is so much in need of them.” J.M.B. Purification Program

Drug Problems, article by L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard


In at least two countries, Scientology is closely cooperating with the government in programs to handle the drug-addiction problem now becoming chronic in society.

Drug addicts have been found to have begun drug taking because of physical suffering or hopelessness.

In one country a Scientology pilot project has been in progress for about a year and has produced data of great value. Even without processing but by education, some 50 percent of the committed addicts have recovered and have not been recommitted.

By eradicating in the addict the cause of the original suffering or hopelessness, the need of drugs is voluntarily dispensed with by the former addict.

These Scientology projects are pilot in nature and were undertaken to develop the programs for larger applications. At present the number of unselected cases number only a few hundred.

So far it has been found that the cost per case [at the time of this writing], exclusive of food and bed, is about £35 a person [$465 in 1996 US dollars] when done on a mass basis using individual practitioners. The time is between seven and ten weeks, the first six of which are spent “drying out” under medical care. The actual processing takes less than fifty hours to permanent full rehabilitation. If only the drug factor is handled, the time is under ten hours.

A pilot project has just been begun in a state prison where the addicts will be trained to handle one another’s cases. If successful this could greatly reduce costs and facilitate the handling of very large numbers.

The addict has been found not to want to be an addict, but is driven by pain and environmental hopelessness.

As soon as an addict can feel healthier and more competent mentally and physically without drugs than he does on drugs, he ceases to require drugs.

Drug addiction has been shrugged off by psychiatry as “unimportant” and the social problem of drug taking has received no attention from psychiatrists—rather the contrary since they themselves introduced and popularized LSD. And many of them are pushers.

Government agencies have failed markedly to halt the increase in drug taking and there has been no real or widespread cure.

The political implications of increasing addiction in a country are great. All nations under heavy attack by foreign intelligence agencies have experienced increased drug traffic and addiction.

Japanese intelligence forces before World War II conquered by carefully making addicts out of every potential leader they could reach, particularly bright children, in a target country.

The last dynasty (the Manchu) of China was overthrown by a country that imported opium into the kingdom and got it into widespread use.

There are many historical precedents.

The liability of the drug user, even after he has ceased to use drugs, is that he “goes blank” at unexpected times, has periods of irresponsibility and tends to sicken easily.

Dianetics and Scientology processing has been able to eradicate the major damage in those cases tested as well as make further addiction unnecessary and unwanted.

Scientology has no interest in the political or social aspects of the various types of drugs or even drug taking as such. The whole interest of Scientology is concentrated on those who want to “get unhooked” and “stay unhooked.”

In one Scientology organization at least half of those coming in for processing have been on drugs and this figure is less than that in the surrounding public where it evidently goes to an even higher percentage. Therefore, in 1968 and 1969 research on this as a specialized subject was completed successfully.

Scientologists do not stand ready to punish drug takers or reform a whole society on the subject. But they do stand ready and are active in helping anyone or any government to handle the problem.

Like the Flaming Youth era of the Prohibition 20s, drug taking will probably also come to pass away as a national pastime. But it will leave a lot of people who wish they hadn’t. The Scientologist can help those. And are helping them right now as a routine duty to the community.

Governments need the Scientologist a lot more than they think.


LRH Signature


The Research Center for Dependency Disorders and Chronic Pain, in a recent scientific study of L. Ron Hubbard’s Purification Program, found that residual drugs were definitely eliminated from the body, confirming Mr. Hubbard’s findings.
After the release of the program in 1980, news of L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthrough reached medical circles and the scientific community. Since then, numerous studies of his detoxification method have been undertaken, each validating the tremendous workability of the program.

Important studies over the past two decades provide repeated evidence of the program’s efficacy in eliminating toxins from the body.

In Michigan, the accidental contamination of cattle with a toxic fire retardant resulted in 97 percent of the state’s population with detectable amounts of the retardant in their fatty tissues a full five years later. A group of Michigan residents, who had been monitored since the initial contamination, was told by doctors that the toxins were there to stay. Then, in 1982, a group of these subjects was put through the Purification program. Biopsies of fatty tissue before and after showed a decrease of the fire retardant and other toxins of over 20 percent. A follow-up examination four months later proved even more significant: levels of toxins continued to decrease after the program had been completed and showed an average decrease of over 40 percent of the toxins.

Similarly, in 1983, independent researchers conducted tests on a woman who had done the Purification program after having been heavily exposed to industrial contaminants while on the job. A urine test done at the beginning of the program showed high levels of mercury and lead in the woman’s body. During the program, she secreted a black substance through the pores of her skin as chemicals were flushed out of her body. The study noted, “Removal of the toxic substances from her system was accompanied by remission of her subjective complaints as well. She no longer felt the extreme tiredness, malaise and lethargy she had been experiencing since her exposure.”

Not surprisingly, such results generated interest from prominent medical and biochemical authorities. In study after study, Mr. Hubbard’s research has been validated by official reports. For example, after conducting his own independent study, a US Environmental Protection Agency doctor concluded that dangerous environmental toxins, which had lodged in the body for two years, could be flushed out by doing the Purification program.

Among numerous recent correlative studies, one that bears significant mention was conducted in 1995 by Dr. Forest Tennant, executive director of the Research Center for Chronic Pain and Dependency Disorders, and Dr. Shelley Beckmann, a molecular biologist. Monitoring the rehabilitation of cocaine and Valium addicts using Mr. Hubbard’s technology, they found that the detoxification procedure resulted in previously undetectable drugs appearing in both the urine and in the sweat of former drug users. In other words, these residual drugs were dislodged as a result of the program and eliminated once and for all, freeing the individual from their harmful effects.


A person with attention stuck on his/her body or past incidents

Caption: The attention of a person withdrawing from drug use can be very stuck on the body, and past incidents can be reactivated heavily.

While the Purification Program rids one of the biochemical residues that reactivate past drug experiences, it is but the first step in a full resolution to the spiritual devastation caused by drug, medicine and alcohol abuse. Other mental and spiritual factors exist and to address these L. Ron Hubbard developed a series of auditing processes and actions that handle the harmful effects of drugs by getting to the very cause of one’s decision to use them. These actions are ministered in churches and missions by highly skilled auditors.

Reorienting to the Present-Time Environment

A person who has been on drugs often becomes disassociated from the world around him or even his physical self, as evidenced by the neglect many drug takers show for their hygiene, dress, health, job, friends and family.

The reason is that, among other things, drugs dull a person’s communication. This is most directly observed in the action of painkillers which shut off the person’s feeling of pain, but it occurs with the use of other drugs as well. Emotions are suppressed with drug use, and perceptions become altered or shut off.

A person often becomes less aware of things and people around him and so becomes less considerate and responsible, less active, less capable and less bright. He factually becomes less conscious of what is happening in the present. One does not have to have been a heavy narcotics addict to experience a lessening of alertness, fogginess or other effects as a result of drug use.

Drugs do something else too: They stick a person’s attention at points in his past. Mental image pictures restimulated from the reactive mind appear in the visions of hallucinations a person sees while on certain drugs. Attention often becomes stuck in these pictures after the drug has worn off, with the cumulative effect of the person not feeling “with it” or cognizant of his present-time environment.

This can be dangerous to the person himself and to others, as seen in the number of drug-related automobile accidents that occur, to say nothing of less serious accidents or goofs that happen because a person is unaware of what is going on around him. Drug use makes a person less alert mentally, can harm memory and has a host of other effects on attitudes and behavior –all residual consequences of the drugs, which persist indefinitely unless

Objective Processes

caption: Objective Processes can extrovert the person’s attention and greatly ease any discomfort. Past incidents drop out of the present and no longer impinge on the person.

The reason drugs are so harmful spiritually is that they can badly scramble the energy contained in the mind, disorienting and confusing the person. His awareness often diminishes and his capabilities of dealing with the energies and masses of reality are dramatically lessened. A person affected by drugs is thus less able to control the things in his environment and, despite whatever subjective feelings he may have to the contrary, he becomes less powerful and less able.

While on drugs, the pictures in one’s reactive mind can violently turn on, overwhelming the being and making him afraid to confront anything in the reactive mind thereafter. As a result, the person is stopped dead from any mental or spiritual gain.

L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthroughs in drug rehabilitation technology and his full drug handling program directly address each of the above-mentioned phenomena.

To assist those undergoing withdrawal symptoms, he developed a Therapeutic Training Routine (TR) Course. It consists of drills, called TRs, whose purpose is to increase and improve an individual’s ability to confront (to face without flinching or avoiding) and be there in the present. If a person is experiencing withdrawal, this course is done concurrently with the Purification Program step to lessen the discomfort.

To further raise the ability to confront one’s present-time environment, a person’s next step is the TRs and Objectives Course. Here one participates in Objective Processing (auditing techniques which direct a person’s attention to the real, observable, outward objects he encounters), which effectively unfix him from the significances of the mind that have him stuck in his past.

This is a very important factor in mental and spiritual ability. The more a person can exist in the present without his attention stuck in past incidents, the better able he is to deal with his life. He feels brighter, has increased perception, is better able to deal with his environment, and also becomes more able to deal with others.

Getting the person into present time is not the total answer, however. Drugs scramble the mind to such a degree that freeing the person from these effects requires a precise and thorough approach. Thus, the actual incidents from his reactive mind associated with drugs must also be addressed in a series of auditing processes that comprise the Drug Rundown.

Experiences the person had while taking drugs are the first to be addressed with these exact auditing steps, and the charge in the reactive mind which has accumulated around these incidents is in this way released. Attention that had been fixated by drugs, medicines and alcohol is freed, and the mental masses brought about by drugs are erased.

Drug taking also invariably has numerous unwanted physical sensations, emotions, attitudes and other feelings connected with it. Auditing on the Drug Rundown addresses unwanted feelings connected with specific drugs taken by the person. When these are fully handled, the person is freed from their psychosomatic effects.

L. Ron Hubbard found, though, that people begin taking drugs for a reason: To ease the agony of a physical condition, to numb themselves against certain situations in their lives, to relieve boredom, to feel better. The number of possible reasons is as great as the number of people taking drugs. By taking drugs the person was trying to handle or cure something. At the bottom, then, the drug problem is essentially spiritual. The being, in some way hurt, was led into the false solution that drugs could cure this. The solution, as many learned the hard way, turned out to be a trap from which there was no true escape until the drug-handling technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

A vital part of the Drug Rundown, then, includes finding the pains, emotions, sensations and other unwanted feelings the person was suffering from — and for which drugs became the cure. When these are found, each is addressed in auditing. Unless the reasons a person went onto drugs in the first place are resolved, the person is forever left with the original condition for which drugs were a “solution.”

When the original problem is addressed, the person himself is at last free from any effects of drugs and free from the need to take them.


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